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It's not easy being green

Especially if you are a cactus. In case you have not noticed, the cactus craze is huge. It’s funny how we are all learning to embrace something so prickly.


Hit The Road

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Summer Vibes

Nautical blue and white themes, Corkcicle tumblers and Scout bags for all outings have us ready for summer.


Deep in the Heart

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Texas Pride

We love a theme. Texas themed products are wildly popular with our customers.


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We believe retail has the power to create memories, and it doesn't happen with the click of a button.

At Sample House, we believe in doing things with passion, or not at all.  Our unique model has been ahead of its time since day one, putting personalized experience and customer service at the head of our focus.  "Retail Therapy" is the term our customers use to describe the Sample House experience, and that is exactly what we offer.